Colr Explorer

No plugin file available for download on the RLD. Take a look at the description for more information.

by J. Foltz

Sections: Materials - Rendering

Lets you explore colors through searches and tags.

It's simple, intuitive windows allows you to search for tagged colors, select the tags, and find similar colors to add to your model.

Selecting the color swatch will add that color to the SketchUp model, and start the Paint tool so you may begin coloring with the selected color immediately.

You will need to be online to use this plug-in.

WARNING: Jim's asked me to remove his plugins from this site, so they are no longer hosted on RLD. Only the french version remains, when it exists. Please download this plugin at Jim's blog (see link below).

How to install: Unzip in Plugins folder.
UI Location: Plugins

SketchUp version: 7
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 1 January 2012


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