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by D. Bur

Sections: Animation - Camera ; Materials - Rendering ; Files - Misc

Automatic extraction of pages of the model to 2D formats. Features: Parameters pages and images, creating orthogonal views 6 standard, creation of 4 standard axonometric views, export standard views, or In User pages, or all pages. Supported formats: jpg, tif, bmp, tga, png, dwg, dxf, eps, pdf.

How to install: Special, see Documentation.
UI Location: Plugins

SketchUp version: 5
Windows supportedMac NOT supported

Added to the site on 1 February 2006


Feb 18th

Didier Bur (admin) said:

Yes it's planned.
Just a matter of time...

Feb 18th

vic said:

any chance of ADO udate?
I used it in ver 5 I thought it was awesome.


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