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by TIG

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Slices up a volume - useful in real-model making.

Version 5.15, Jan 25th 2012
by PayPal to info @

How to install: Unzip in Plugins folder.
UI Location: Toolbar

SketchUp version: 6
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 17 October 2007


Mar 10th

Tom Sepe said:

I can't figure this out on a Mac. I have sketchup 8. I added to the plugin folder but don't see any way to access this feature?
Some support would be great.

Feb 23rd

carlos said:

hi there, thanks for your amazing job! I wanted to -modestly- help you develop it. I found out that it´s not compatible with sketchyphysics.rb, when you´ve got installed both plugins, the flattened copies option doesn´t work.

Jan 7th

Dmitry said:

"Window -> Preferences -> Extensions"
And where then to search for this plug-in in the menu?

Like this page says (just above this comment): Menu: Plugins...

Nov 12th

mga said:

@freshwater and @dave:

'Hard Drive'/Library/Application Support/Google SketchUp 8/SketchUp/Plugins

Oct 29th

majid said:

Thnax dear Tig. it works fine for me

Aug 30th

freshwater said:

how do you install this on a mac? search a bunch on sketchup and there is not one hit for plugins in their FAQ.

Jul 16th

Keith Levene said:

TIG... 4 years in the making and its amazing. You guys amaze me. TIG, Fredo6, Chris Fulmer all of you have harnessed the SU potential in such a creative way. It removes drudgery and turbo charges one's thinking knowing these tools are in the plugin menu. There are so many names but recently, the last year SU has moved into areas that keeps it's uniqueness and raises the game elegantly. Well done TIG.

Jul 13th

sai said:

"dave said:
How do you drop it in the plugin?"

go into your C: directory, or where your sketchup files are installed
Program Files\Google\Sketchup*\Plugins

and then paste file.

You might have to manually load in the program,

go Window -> Preferences -> Extensions

and then select

happy modelling!

this is an ace mod - good work!


Jul 8th

dave said:

How do you drop it in the plugin?

Jul 1st

mizar said:

Incredible!!!!!great plugin. Thanks

Jul 1st

Maciek said:

Great plug-in One of the best I've ever tried. Thanks.


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