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by J. Foltz

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Ruby Toolbar provides some controls over SketchUp's Ruby Panel (or Console.) It is most useful to people who are writing Ruby plugins. This is a Windows-only plugin. The 5 toolbar buttons are: Show/Hide Ruby Console - Clear Console - Load a .rb - Reload last .rb - Browse Plugins Folder. The position and size of the console is saved to the Windows Registry when the console is hidden using the toolbar, and restored between sessions. Requirements: Sketchup, Windows, (if not already installed.).

WARNING: Jim's asked me to remove his plugins from this site, so they are no longer hosted on RLD. Only the french version remains, when it exists. Please download this plugin at Jim's blog (see link below).

How to install: Unzip in Plugins folder.
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SketchUp version: 5
Windows supportedMac NOT supported

Added to the site on 7 June 2007


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