Instant Wall

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by Vali Architects

Sections: Architecture

Site walls, retaining walls, pilasters, curbs,....
Walls may be vertical, battered, sloped, stepped or rough stone. Many options for wall cap and pilaster cap profiles. Custom user defined wall cap profiles. Textures will align with wall and wall cap.
Balustrades,railings and fencing may be added on top of wall or between pilasters. Many options for picket and baluster profiles including user defined shapes.
Colonnades. Several options for column types including custom user defined.
Arcades can be modeled as flat, pointed, segmented, round or elliptical. Optional voussoirs may be raised, flush, or recessed. Textures will align with voussoirs.
Metric or Feet / Inches
Option to follow terrain elevation.
153 preset styles organized into libraries. Create custom styles
Interactive Menu: icons+images+text
All walls can be modeled as 3d, 2d face me or 2d hide lines

This is the only payware on this site, it's really a must-have...

How to install: Special, see Documentation.
UI Location: Toolbar

SketchUp version: 8
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 6 September 2012


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